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HRMax® is part of a full suite of business applications that was built for employee service management and accommodates a Comprehensive Human Resources Management system that helps you efficiently to manage, plan, develop, acquire, optimize, and maximize Human Resource; the most valuable and effective asset. It is extremely easy, customizable, informative, dynamic, flexible, reactive, and intelligent. It thinks globally and understands any culture.


All-in-one modular Application (Profile, Payroll, Payroll History, Vacation Management, Misconduct, Appraisal, Time Keeping, Training, Recruitment, Benefits, Medical Management, Document Management, Change of Status).


  • Multi-Language Support.

  • Customizable forms and processes.

  • Template based for common functions.

  • Built-in Self generated reporting and dashboards.

  • Web based with mobile applications for both admins and employee's self-service.

  • Sophisticated role-based security model.

  • Built-in Work-flow to turn your business into paperless.

  • Fully Integration with any international ERP.

  • Bult-in Document Management within the system.

  • Zero Programming Reporting.


Key Features

Mobility, Redefined

With HRMax Mobile apps,  it's much easier now for your employees to get access to all thier employment information and Human Resources Services using an intuative mobile experience:


  • My-Profile Dashboard

  • Pay slip notifier

  • Update Contact Information

  • Manage my subordinates

  • Submit Employee Related Requests (e.g. Leaves)

  • Integration with Corporate Services

Built for Microsoft 365

HRMax® is built on top of Microsoft Power Platform, capitalizing the platform’s capabilities of:

  • Low Code Customizations

  • Business Process Automation

  • Eco-System Wide integration

  • Business Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence


Enroll your team today!

Let us know if you're interested in trying out the great features of HRMax with your team, and one of our representitive will get in contact with you.


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