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At BlueLink Solutions, we go beyond building solutions tailored to specific industries. We ensure they seamlessly integrate with the platforms you already use. This commitment goes hand-in-hand with our deep understanding of regional needs, thanks to our dedicated research and development efforts focused on each industry we serve.

Quality teken Seriously

By investing in our software assurance program, you're not just acquiring software; you're investing in a long-term partnership with BlueLink, committed to your success.

Ensured Software
BlueLink goes beyond simply providing software; we offer peace of mind through our comprehensive Software Assurance Programs, which are built-in with our products license, eliminating the need for separate purchases and simplifying the process. This commitment ensures you have access to:
  • Ongoing bug fixes and patches: Our dedicated team proactively identifies and addresses any software bugs, ensuring your solution remains reliable and secure.
  • Regular updates and enhancements: We continuously strive to improve our products with new features and functionality, keeping your solution at the forefront of technology.
  • Priority support: Should you encounter any issues, our software assurance program grants you access to priority technical support, offering faster response times and expert assistance to resolve any challenges.

We leverage Microsoft's expertise and rigorous testing processes to ensure our solutions are fully compatible and integrate smoothly with the Microsoft Dynamics platform. 

BlueLink prioritizes quality in all aspects of our operations. Our commitment to excellence is evidenced by our achievement of ISO 9001:2015 certification. This internationally recognized standard demonstrates our adherence to rigorous quality management principles, ensuring consistent quality across all our products and services.

Ready, Launch, Go...

Our most demanded solutions come in a ready-to-adopt solution packs, that gets your business started in No-Time!

Next-Gen Solutions
for the Public Sector

Dynamic Government is a suite of software solutions designed to help government organizations improve efficiency, reduce costs, and create a more connected organization.
Learn more about Dynamic Government

Brings Properties to Life

PropertyPro® is a comprehensive suite of applications, seamlessly integrated with Dynamics 365 CRM, designed to streamline property & Facility management.

Learn more about PropertyPro
Unlock the Power of Retention with innovative solutions

 Supercharge your customer loyalty program with xLoyal®, the comprehensive platform that rewards your best customers and fuels your business growth.

Learn more about xLoyal

More than just smart tools

Beyond our ready-made solutions, we also offer a suite of advanced tools designed to empower your Dynamics 365 or Power Platform implementation with even richer functionalities. 


BlueLink empowers businesses to seamlessly integrate their CRM solutions with a comprehensive suite of omni-channel communication tools, enabling them to connect and engage with customers across their preferred channels.



BlueLink equips businesses with cutting-edge AI-powered tools to streamline their CRM solutions, allowing them to automate tasks, personalize interactions, and gain valuable customer insights.


Secured Documents

BlueLink strengthens its CRM solutions by offering clients secure document generation and manipulation tools, enabling them to create, edit, and share essential documents directly within their CRM platform, streamlining workflows and enhancing data integrity.


Mobility Tools

BlueLink bridges the gap between customer mobility and CRM systems, offering clients a suite of mobile-centric solutions that seamlessly integrate with their existing CRM infrastructure, enhancing accessibility and personalized experiences for customers on the go.


BlueLink eliminates data silos and streamlines workflows by offering pre-built system and data integration connectors, allowing seamless connection between your CRM and vital business systems like ERP, POS, and marketing platforms.

Solid Foundation

Our solutions are built with the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, leveraging trusted, world-class, and continually evolving platforms familiar to our customers. This approach allows them to maximize their existing investments and achieve exceptional results.

Transform the way you connect with your customers with D365 CRM.  This comprehensive cloud-based solution unifies your sales, marketing, and customer service activities, providing a 360-degree view of your customer relationships. Gain actionable insights, personalize interactions, empowering teams to deliver exceptional customer service.

Empower everyone at your organization to innovate with Microsoft Power Platform. This unified suite of tools allows you to build custom apps, automate workflows, and gain insights from your data – all without extensive coding.  Boost efficiency, streamline processes, and unlock new possibilities with Power Platform, the key to transforming your business.

Unlock limitless potential for your business with Microsoft Azure. This  comprehensive cloud computing platform empowers you to build, deploy, and manage  scalable applications across a global network of data centers. Embrace innovation, optimize resources, and gain a competitive edge with the power and flexibility of Microsoft Azure.

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