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PropertyPro® is a comprehensive suite of applications, seamlessly integrated with Dynamics 365 CRM, designed to streamline property & Facility management.
Unleash the full potential of your real estate portfolio with PropertyPro®. This comprehensive suite of applications seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 CRM, providing you with unmatched flexibility, even for intricate projects.
Streamline every step of your operations – from Sales and Leasing to Facility Management – with PropertyPro®'s diverse modules. These tools cater to the complete needs of modern property developers.
Build stronger connections with customers and tenants through PropertyPro®'s omni-channel communication services and user-friendly self-service apps. This fosters a sense of unparalleled closeness with your clientele.
Enhance collaboration by integrating PropertyPro®'s Vendor Engagement Portal. This connects you seamlessly with vendors and contractors, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Features Packed

PropertyPro® simplifies property development and management with a comprehensive suite of apps seamlessly integrated within Dynamics 365 CRM. Packed with valuable features, it empowers you to streamline your workflow and achieve success.

Property Overview

Property Browser provides important information about a property project in a single view. It is helpful for decision makers who need quick and accurate information. Property Browser is a built-in feature in PropertyPro® and has different views for Sales, Leasing & Facilities modules.


PropertyPro® offers optional visual tools for project presentations, including 3D modeling and location-specific data (Geographic Based KPIs). This "GIO KPIs" feature helps analyze different property types, such as Landscape projects, Vertical buildings & Open land.

Business Intelligence

PowerBI's analytical features could be integrated with PropertyPro data to uncover deeper insights, such as identifying profitable building types, analyzing rental trends in specific locations, and predicting future market conditions.

Unit Overview

Unit overview transforming information into a command center for your rental income. Imagine having a comprehensive dashboard displaying a real-time breakdown of revenue generated by each unit. This detailed view encompasses not just the base rent, but also any associated fees and additional charges, such as utilities, parking, or pet deposits. By providing a centralized view and insightful data, PropertyPro's unit overview becomes a powerful tool for maximizing the financial performance of your rental properties.

Floor Plans

Unit profile also provides a rich tapestry of information that extends far beyond mere numbers. Imagine having comprehensive floor plans at your fingertips, allowing you to visualize the layout and functionality of each unit. Additionally, photos of model units offer a glimpse into the aesthetics and potential of each space. This wealth of visual information, coupled with detailed data, empowers you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your properties, enabling well-informed decisions that go beyond just the bottom line.

Fit-Out Operations

PropertyPro isn't just about managing finances; it extends its functionality to streamline various aspects of facility and operation management. One crucial feature within this realm is its ability to orchestrate the fit-out process for commercial leasing.

It streamlines obtaining permits and approvals, manages communication with contractors, and ensures all modifications comply with regulations and lease agreements.

Property Sales Features Highlights

Property Master View

Unveil a complete picture of your property with a single, 360-degree view! This powerful dashboard displays all the key information you need, from location and offerings to a real-time snapshot of unit inventory levels across the entire sales cycle.

Leads Management

Tailor your approach by profiling leads based on their desired property type and budget, ensuring you can reconnect when a suitable vacancy arises. PropertyPro® even handles complex scenarios involving multiple buyers for a single unit.

Opportunity Process

Navigate the complexities of property sales with ease using PropertyPro®'s guided opportunity process! This intuitive system provides your sales consultants with a clear, step-by-step roadmap for each transaction.

Managing Agreements

Customize and print reservation and sales agreements with ease, featuring key details like unit information, layouts, customer information, and payment details. Built-in task reminders and approval workflows ensure proper oversight and compliance. Agreements remain in draft state until all required approvals are obtained, preventing premature printing and delivery to customers. This ensures accuracy and facilitates a seamless sales process.

Agreement Billing

PropertyPro simplifies your billing process by automatically generating invoices linked to both the agreement and the customer profile for each payment term. This centralized view allows you to track the invoice payment status and aging information in real-time, all from a single screen.

Sales Targets

Maximize your sales potential with PropertyPro®'s goal-oriented approach! Track individual, team, and project-based sales targets, setting objectives based on either monetary value or unit sales. The comprehensive system displays progress in real-time, highlighting both achieved and in-progress percentages based on each salesperson's current pipeline.

Property Leasing Features Highlights

Introducing ERV

Effortlessly build competitive rent offers and evaluate existing contracts with ERV. This innovative tool automates rent valuation, taking the guesswork out of pricing your properties.

Easy Waiting List

Streamline your tenant matching process with our automated waiting list! Any inquiry that aligns with your available units gets automatically added, and the list pops up conveniently whenever you have a matching vacancy. This ensures you connect with the ideal tenants quickly and efficiently, saving you time and effort.

Rent Schedule Couldn’t be easier

Forget tedious rent schedule creation! PropertyPro empowers you to build intricate rent structures with just a few clicks. Simply define the parameters, and the system automatically generates the complete rent table, saving you valuable time and effort. This streamlined approach ensures accuracy and consistency, allowing you to manage your rental agreements with ease.

Lease Contract Management

PropertyPro streamlines your leasing process by automatically generating contracts that consolidate all the gathered information into a single, easily accessible document. This eliminates the need for manual creation and ensures consistency.

Within the contract record, you have instant access to all relevant information, including tenant profiles, documents, and detailed billing history. This centralized hub simplifies tenant management and provides complete transparency.

Unified Billing

PropertyPro eliminates the tediousness of managing bills with its flexible billing module. This powerful tool automatically generates monthly invoices, including rent and utilities, in a single, customizable document. It allows you to manage additional charges, offer various payment options, and schedule automatic payments, streamlining the entire billing process for both you and your tenants.

One Dashboard, Full View

Gain complete control over your sales operations with a centralized dashboard! This comprehensive hub provides real-time insights into every aspect of your process, including:
  • New inquiries.
  • Active rents.
  • Upcoming renewals.
  • Team activities.
  • Unit & space utilization.

Facility Operations Features Highlights

Introducing FWB

PropertyPro® Facility Workbench simplifies life for your facility teams! This enhanced module acts as a central hub, consolidating all relevant functionality and information in one easily accessible location. This streamlined approach empowers your team to find what they need quickly and efficiently, allowing them to focus on what matters most - managing your facilities seamlessly.

Fixed Assets

Introducing our universally adaptable asset management module! This powerful tool seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows, allowing you to track any asset imaginable. From furniture to machinery, PropertyPro® adapts to your specific needs.

All-in-One Inventory

Gain complete control over your inventory with PropertyPro's comprehensive tracking system! From initial purchase to final destination, trace every stock movement across warehouses and consumption points. Make informed decisions based on real-time, dynamic reports that are easily saved and shared. Customize your dashboards to keep key information readily accessible, ensuring you have the insights you need to optimize your operations.

Engaged Contractors

  • Create and maintain detailed vendor profiles: Store all essential information in one centralized location.
  • Manage all vendor-related assets: Track and monitor equipment, tools, or materials assigned to each vendor.
  • Streamline purchasing and payments: 
  • Monitor vendor performance: Assign cases to vendors and track their response times to ensure efficient service.
  • Manage service contracts effectively: Define topics, scope of work, and assigned cases, and track expiry dates, renewal options, and payment terms for each contract, ensuring complete control.

Streamlined Work Orders

Maintain a smooth operation with PropertyPro's streamlined maintenance management! Easily track the progress of every request, allowing you to stay on top of all maintenance needs. Plan and organize activities efficiently using the intuitive maintenance calendar. Plus, your team will stay engaged with a fast and user-friendly mobile interface, facilitating quick communication and efficient service delivery.

Expense Management

Gain complete control over your facility operation expenses with PropertyPro's centralized dashboard. This comprehensive tool allows you to:
  • Track all expenses in one place: Monitor maintenance costs, contractor bills, and utility charges seamlessly.
  • Enjoy seamless integration: Integrate with smart meters for automatic, real-time utility billing data.
  • Gain valuable insights: Analyze your data to identify areas for cost optimization and make informed decisions about resource allocation.
PropertyPro empowers you to simplify expense management, maximize efficiency, and achieve greater operational cost control.

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