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Let's flip the board and welcome 2020

- Message from the CEO

For us in BlueLink Solutions, 2019 was full of contrast, many success stories as well as tough standings. We won sometimes, and we didn’t some other times, just like any year before…

However, in 2019, we learned more, became better and grown further. Our team challenged themselves by extending our offered services to reach new areas and adopt new technologies.

Sounds good? It’s just getting even more exciting…

In 2019, BlueLink Solutions grown vertically by upgrading our platforms and solutions to endorse new technology trends in business automation, information integration and communication channels.


Our business also grown horizontally by adding new industries to our already rich solution stack.


We’re excited because now we have more room to stretch, we have more space to grow, more goals to achieve and more tools to help us do so…


Today, we must thank all our customers and partners who’ve been the collaborators of our success. We also promise them that the best is yet to come.


With all our wishes with a year full of success, let’s rock 2020.


Ramy Mostafa - CEO

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