PropertyPro – Overview

BlueLink PropertyPro®

PropertyPro® By BlueLink Solutions is a Property Management plug-in that works on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Profile . Manage . Envision

From our many deployments with different markets experience, we learned that there are always common tasks that every real estate business needs.  We focused on these business needs to make them the main pillars designing PropertyPro® 2011.


Building your Portfolio in a dynamic, expandable and easy-to-manage architecture is your corner stone to smooth operations.


Your operations from marketing, selling and servicing your real estate projects. Including, renting, leasing or financing units and comprehensive facility management where you can manage your own facility teams or even sub-contractors.


How can you have a full vision of your success factors in a snap view. In PropertyPro® 2011, we introduce one of our newest innovations GIO-KPI™ Technology which is together with the built-in interactive dashboards can give you an executive level snapshot of your complete portfolio.

Property SMART Management

Deliver superior customer service, access critical information fast and increase the productivity of your team. BlueLink® PropertyPro® helps you manage the entire property management process including trust accounting, marketing for rent, lease or sales roll growth through to property management, relationship building and trust accounting ensuring that at every step you deliver quality service that achieves customer satisfaction.