Features Highlights

PropertyPro® Features


Properties Profiling: Building Complex Portfolios has never been easier…
The first step in properly manage a real estate portfolio, is the ability to profile it a proper way. PropertyPro® 2011 gives you the power to easily profile even the most complex real estate portfolios with:

  • Unlimited Portfolios.
  • Unlimited Projects.
  • Unlimited Unit Types.
  • & Unlimited Unit Specifications.

Figure 1: Sample of a complex property portfolio which can be easily managed in

Information agility, gets Visual…

Extend your Project & Unit profiling to more than information: PropertyPro® will help you integrate visual media into your Projects & Units Profiling:

Project Maps: Easily locate your projects with interactive live updated maps.
Unit Media: Build a complete Multimedia library for your units and automatically publish them online, including:
o Unit Images
o Interactive & 3D Views
o Interactive Floor Plans
Easily integrate Web Presence: With one click, choose to publish your units and projects online to your website with integrated inquiry form which initiate sales cycles automatically.

Figure 2: Sample Property Unit information screen allowing user to publish information online.

Now with interactive drawings, you can visually search unit availability through an interactive diagram of the building.

Figure 3: Sample interactive building drawing.



Take Full Control: Learn how PropertyPro® 2011 will help you to manage all aspects of your Real Estate Project’s Operations… PropertyPro® 2011 gives you a complete control of all the aspects in Real Estate operations.

Sales Management

Manage Your Sales Channels weather internal though your sales team or external through sales agents. Including Target & Commissions Management, Pipeline Management & Sales Process Automation
Manage Your Properties Booking through an advanced customizable yet simple to use business processes. A process which takes you all the way from capturing multi-source inquiries and interests, through initial booking and deposits and then finally in to real estate contracts.

Figure 4: Sales Process & Information embedded into unit information in PropertyPro® 2011.

Billing & Payments Management

Automatic Billing whether you decide to generate all payment schedule for your contracts at the initiation of the contract or you decide to generate periodical invoicing; PropertyPro® can manage the automatic invoice generation for your selected projects.
Dynamic Schedules Just define billing pattern and invoicing date of the month and PropertyPro® will take it forward into generating invoices accordingly while allowing different projects, properties or even contracts can have different billing modes and dates.
Automatic Balance Report your customer balance for overdue payments and monitor balances for Projects, Contracts and Tenants.

Figure 5: Customer Payment Receipt allowing multiple payment method & multi-currency operations in PropertyPro® 2011

Bulk Operations While you don’t have to go over every invoice to settle or manage because PropertyPro® allows you to do bulk operations of records such as Bulk Payment and Bulk Edit, it will also manage all the subsequent actions such as creating Bulk Payment Receipts and atomically send payment notifications to tenants.
General Ledger Interface Integrating your financial management system will never be easier with the GL Interface where you can export your Real Estate Transactions into GL-Like report with automatic Account Mapping which can be easily integrated to any ERP system.

Real Estate Contract Management:

- Automate Contract Process from initiating the contract draft, collecting required documents with a complete document management features, and throughout internal approvals and finally into contract activation.

- Manage Billing in different modes, currencies and frequencies and even control grace periods before the system start invoicing your contract.

- Auto-Renewal control weather the system should automatically renew your contract for another period or just send you a reminder to negotiate renewal with your tenant.

- Archive Old Contracts don’t lose track of expired or terminated property contracts. The system will automatically archive them for you.

- Manage Tenants store all your tenants and even leads information in the system. Customize information fields and reuse them in sending all kind of communications such as Letters, Emails & SMS.

- Legal Case Tracking even unfortunate cases might happen. PropertyPro® gives you the ability to track information about any contract that leads into a Legal Case, including Lawyer in charge, Fees & Actions requested, Case Activates and even more.

Figure 6: Complete Contract Management in PropertyPro® 2011



Envision Your Portfolio: What’s better than seeing a full snapshot of your performance in one dashboard? … How about having performance snapshot on a Map?
PropertyPro® introduces the revolutionary GIO-KPI™ Technology:

Figure 6: GIO-KPI™ in PropertyPro® 2011

PropertyPro® introduces the revolutionary GIO-KPI™ Technology:

- Drive Your Performance from the MAP Find your projects on an interactive live updated and multi-touch controlled maps and with one click, see the key performance indicators about each project.
- Drilling Down into more KPIs Interactive & responsive dashboards driven directly from your operations. Easy to use and to design even with no IT experience.

Figure 7: Real Estate Project Dashboard in PropertyPro® 2011